Diptic PDQ Screenshots

Diptic PDQ

Diptic PDQ is an iOS app that provides a fast, focused way to create collages and tell stories with photos

Layover screenshots


Layover is an iOS app that blends the colors and textures of up to five photos to create a single image.

Consultant Directory wireframes

Consultant Directory

The nonprofit organization 501 Commons needed improvements to the search interface for their directory of nonprofit service providers.

Executive Portal wireframes

Executive Portal

A research company provides resources and networking opportunities to business executives in exchange for participation.

Material Requisition wireframes

Material Requisitions

A mechanical contracting company needed a simple way for foremen to submit purchase orders for materials while on-site.

Cedar River Clinics screenshot

Cedar River Clinics

A women’s health clinic needed to reorganize their information architecture, redesign their site layouts, and migrate to a fully-featured CMS.

The Break Light feature image

The Break Light

The Break Light is a lighted, weight-sensitive coaster that helps computer users move frequently to prevent discomfort and injury.

StoryTime feature image


A team submission to the OZCHI 2010 24-hour design challenge: design the future of maps.