Executive Portal


The client, a business research firm, makes its money by selling survey data to financial investors. Executive employees of Fortune 500 companies agree to take the surveys in exchange for various incentives. The Executive Portal was a new way to present all available incentives to the research participants in a single, unified portal, and also introduce several new web-based benefits. The purpose of the executive portal was to provide easy access to the full array of participant benefits, and also encourage participants to take each survey in a timely manner in order to retain access to the portal.

The portal was intended as a pilot, to be launched for a specific group of executives who would also be encouraged to give feedback about the new approach before the design would be rolled out to the entire survey population.


We met with the client to discuss their business goals, uncover user profiles, and understand participants’ motivations for particiating in the surveys. I sketched several sets of initial concepts, then chose two to present to the client. I moved forward with one concept from low to mid-fidelity wireframes through two rounds of stakeholder feedback.


The final deliverable was an annotated interactive PDF. I consulted with a developer on implementation in Wordpress, and the pilot portal was launched in early 2012.