Peak Systems has a lot of iphoneography lovers in the office, and we were dissatisified with existing apps for creating double exposure effects - combining two photos as if they had been taken on the same section of film. Digital photographers have been creating effects like this for years on the desktop, but the tools available for the iphone didn’t offer the same range of options and had interfaces that were difficult to understand. We wanted to give serious iphoneographers the same kind of photo editing they could do on a desktop, but on the phone, with a straightforward interface.


We first discussed the kinds of features most important to photography enthusiasts, and went through existing double exposure apps and other apps with similar functions, analyzing what we liked and didn’t like about them. Then, with a list of desired features in hand, I started sketching layout possibilibities and producing low-fi wireframes to present to the others on the product team.

Once we agreed on the approach, I fleshed out the interactions with more detailed wireframes and a specification document for handoff to development, including complex mobile interactions and animations. During the visual design and development phases, we continued to meet and discuss tweaks and improvements.


Layover launched in the summer of 2012, and has gotten consistently positive reviews since release.